15 Interesting Facts About Chihuahuas

The Chihuahua is a tiny dog with a big temperament. Did you know that mini dogs are actually the smallest breed of dogs in the world? Or that the cute rascals got their name from a Mexican province? And what about the following Chihuahua facts?

#1 Chihuahuas have a long life expectancy

Small dogs like the Chihuahua tend to have a longer life expectancy than large dogs. The little rascals can be up to 18 years old on average, and there are even said to be Chihuahuas that live to be 20 years and older. You can do a little bit yourself to ensure that your mini dog stays fit and healthy for as long as possible. A healthy, appropriate dog diet, regular exercise adapted to the Chihuahua's small body size, and lots of love are a good basis for a happy, long dog life.

#2 Dubious breeders do not pay attention to the well-being of the animals, let them multiply uncontrollably or breed so-called Teacup Chihuahuas, which are much smaller than their peers.

These dogs, which are so small that they can fit in a teacup as adults, are often born with deformities from which they suffer, cannot play and romp like healthy dogs because they are far too fragile, and usually only have short ones Time to live.

#3 Colorful variety of colors in Chihuahua fur

With dog breeds, there are always certain standards that must be met so that the four-legged friends are considered purebred and typical of the breed, so to speak. Dogs that don't meet the criteria set by breed societies and breed clubs are just as endearing as their peers, but they shouldn't be used for further breeding. These breed standards often also refer to "allowed" coat colors and markings.

With the Chihuahua, however, the "rules" are not so strict in this regard. The miniature dog can be cream, chocolate, black, white, tan, red, or several colors at once. There are also Chihuahuas with short and long coats.

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