15 Interesting Facts About Chihuahuas You Never Knew

The Chihuahua temperament is characterized by temperament, liveliness, and attentiveness. The dog breed shows a lot of courage, even against much larger dogs. The Chihuahua temperament also impresses with its strong bond with its caregiver. But he is not only affectionate but also intelligent, curious, and attentive.

#1 Chihuahuas have favorite people

While the typical Golden Retriever sometimes can't decide whether to lick the postman, the dear neighbor, or the owner first, the Chihuahua has a very clear popularity scale. There stands the chosen favorite person and then comes… nothing. Maybe someday the rest of the family. But probably more under the category "It doesn't matter, as long as they don't annoy me." ...

A Chi tends to be reserved and suspicious of strangers in particular. Close confidants may be allowed to 'serve' him. On the other hand, he loves his favorite for life and will bravely protect him from any danger, no matter how great.

#2 Small dog, big: Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is small on the outside but has a big and strong-willed character inside. He is brave, alert, and lively. Once the owner has earned the love of a Chihuahua, he will find in him an extremely loyal companion - who would like to go with him through thick, thin, and every other place.

#3 Normal-sized Chihuahuas are also strong, persistent and robust. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the particularly small Mini or Teacup Chihuahuas.

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