16 Reasons Why You Should Never Own Akita Inus

The Japanese Akita Inu dog is a real hero. Or rather, a real samurai. Akita Inu never retreats in battle, is distinguished by the great devotion to his family and master, and will follow them no matter what. Among their loved ones, these are extremely gentle, affectionate and friendly dogs, with whom it is always a pleasure to spend time. They love to take part in all family affairs, to feel like a part of the team.

The Akita Inu breed has a large amount of internal energy, loves a variety of games and all kinds of entertainment, toys, walks. They need physical activity in order to keep their muscle mass in constant tone, however, if you are not ready to provide your pet with daily training, at least take long walks so that the dog can run to its fullest. Active games are also a good idea.

Akita Inu love to express their emotions through their voice, and they have a lot of different sounds for this – grunting, barking, howling and howling, squealing and whining – everything you can imagine. These dogs are not recommended for inexperienced or timid owners as they have problems with obedience.

#1 You will have to celebrate their birthdays

#2 You will need to walk with them every day

#3 They will steal your girlfriend`s heart

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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