17 Amazing Facts About Corgis You Might Not Know

This is one of the funniest dogs with an innate “smile” on the face. Welsh corgi adores children and is very loyal to their owners. If you decide to have such a pet, you will be interested to know a few facts about them.

#1 There are two types of Welsh Corgi: Cardigan and Pembroke. Cardigan corgi have more rounded ears. The Pembroke has pointed ears. Otherwise, the differences are insignificant.

#2 The name of the breed comes from two words from the Welsh language: “Cor” – dwarf, “Gi” – dog.

#3 It is one of the oldest shepherd dogs, used in pastures for over 3000 years.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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  1. Not all of these facts are correct. There are more differences between the two corgis including they are completely separate breeds that descended from different types of dogs.

    You also state that the queen has had only one breed of dog, which you then contradict later. She has had both Corgis and Dorgis as well as other hunting dogs.

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