17 Amazing Facts About Labrador Retrievers You Might Not Know

The Labrador is a fairly popular dog that many families prefer to keep. As one owner said, you cannot wish for the best breed to keep in a house with children. It is difficult to find a more loyal and kind creature with an agreeable character. He will be a friend to a lonely person, a married couple, and kids.

#1 Labrador is the only breed of dog that has webbed fingers, thanks to them they are excellent swimmers, can swim up to 25 meters under water, dive to a depth of 12 meters, jump up to 8 meters in length.

#2 And Labradors also have a very thick undercoat, so getting this dog wet, as they say, is very difficult, “like water off a duck’s back!”

#3 The mouths of these plush boobies are absolutely not meant to bite. Firstly, they are not aggressive, and secondly, they perfectly know how to own it.

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