17 Breed Reviews: Chow Chow

Short stature, fluffy fur, the smartest and slightly sullen expression of the face combined with a purple tongue – this is a portrait of a Chow-Chow! Having seen a dog once, it is impossible to confuse it with someone, so attractive is its appearance. Extremely independent personality and independence, nobility and pride – all these traits are combined in one individual, and any owner will soon have to experience the self-sufficiency of a pet. Interestingly, even the smallest chow-chow puppies stand very firmly on their feet! If you are incredibly fond of cats and dogs, but the possibilities allow you to have only one animal – choose this particular breed! Independent disposition and independence, intolerance of excessive attention, these traits resemble pedigree cats, don’t they? These individuals will remain loyal companions, while quiet and invisible in everyday life.

#1 She is very calm, friendly, loves children, beautiful and amusing, delights all passers-by.

Clean and smart, friendly, loves children.

The dog snores, sheds.

#2 The only one with a purple tongue

He can easily be called not a dog, but a teddy bear, as he looks exactly like him. This is the only dog breed that has a bluish, or purple tongue. A unique dog of extraordinary beauty. The dog is very loyal, and moreover, to one owner, they either do not pay attention to others, or they are aggressive in their direction. Chow-Chow simply needs training, and moreover, it is necessary to start raising them, preferably already from 2-3 months, this dog has its own character, so they need to devote more time to training and have great patience because they do not like when they are shown, and even knowing the commands, they may simply not execute them. They have a very thick coat, therefore they do not tolerate hot days, but despite their coat, it is not difficult to take care of them, but just comb it with a special coarse brush, that's all, the dogs of this breed are very clean by themselves.

#3 Chow Chow is a special breed

If you have never had dogs, but only cats, hamsters, and mice lived, start a chow-chow boldly, handle it! This is not a fighting dog that will require tough training and not a kid - a Yorkshire who cannot be left alone in an apartment, Chow is a self-sufficient creature.

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