17 Cute Chihuahua Tattoos

Chihuahua is a little philosopher who has absorbed the wisdom of his ancient ancestors, who has learned to understand and accept life in all its manifestations. These babies differ from other dwarf breeds by their calmness and poise: they will not be hysterical for any trifling reason and do not shake from an excess of emotions in a feverish “chill”. Adults behave seriously and a little arrogantly, which does not fit at all with their “pocket” dimensions. In general, Chihuahuas are very similar to humans: each animal has a whole set of unique character traits that make it different from other representatives of its own genus.

Would you like to have a Chihuahua tattoo?

#1 Happy Chihuahua

#2 Chihuahua pup tattoo

#3 Chihuahua tattoos

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