17 Interesting Facts About Sea Turtles

Long-lived sea turtles have time to see more in their lives than many people. Many of them lead a rather secretive lifestyle, only occasionally getting out on land, but they are still threatened with extinction. Humanity, unfortunately, has long since launched a large-scale hunt for these creatures, and, despite all efforts being made, poachers are still actively catching them.

  • Adult sea turtles eat only plant food, but cubs and young animals hunt all sorts of crustaceans and other trifles.
  • Only one in a hundred baby sea turtle survives. The rest die in the first hours and minutes after they get out of the shell.
  • These animals have no parental instinct. Having laid eggs on the shore, they immediately leave them forever.
  • Migrating over great distances, sea turtles always find the right place unmistakably. The earth’s magnetic field helps them navigate.
  • The life span of a sea turtle can exceed one hundred years.
  • When it comes time to lay eggs, they always return to where they were born, even if it takes thousands of kilometers to do so.
  • Clumsy and slow on land, sea turtles swim pretty quickly in the water. Moreover, they row only with their front paws.
  • Among all the turtles in the world, only the leathery one does not have a hard shell.
  • When swimming, they are capable of speeds up to 35 km / h.
  • The ancestors of sea turtles inhabited our planet about 100 million years ago.
  • The largest sea turtles weigh up to 350-400 kg. But a fair share of that weight comes from the carapace.
  • They can exist only in warm regions, so they live only in the seas of the tropical and subtropical zones.
  • Sea turtles living in different places, but in similar conditions, still, start the mating season at different times. Why is it a mystery?
  • On average, an adult female lays up to a thousand eggs.
  • Green sea turtles are the largest of these. The length of the shell can reach 130-140 centimeters.
  • Land turtles of almost all species are inferior in size to their sea relatives.
  • In Malaysia, there is an ancient legend that it was the sea turtle that once created our world.
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