The Tortoise did not Give Up for 30 Years

A family from Brazil, who lost their tortoise Manuela over 30 years ago, recently discovered a beloved pet in their home.

The Almeida family says that the tortoise disappeared from the family in 1982 and was never found, despite a thorough and long search.

Everyone thought that their favorite came out through the front door during the renovation of the house when the door was unlocked.

However, after the death of Leonel’s father, which occurred this month, the family decided to repair the washing machine, and at the same time to disassemble and tidy up the pantry, where they found their pet.

Leonel was clearing out the boxes and was about to throw away what he thought was an old turntable when a neighbor pointed to a tortoise.

Lenita (daughter), who was given a turtle to Manuela, said that the family is extremely happy about the find. However, no one can understand how the turtle was able to survive for more than 30 years in a closed pantry.

Experts believe the tortoise may have been feeding on termites that inhabit the wooden floor. Manuela belongs to the red-footed tortoise that can go without food for a long time (2-3 years). In the wild, they feed on fruits, leaves, dead animals, and even excrement.

Turtle at home

Turtles are reptiles that appeared on earth more than 200 million years ago. They are among the most popular tame animals to be kept at home.

The first thing to consider when choosing a turtle: do you want a water turtle or a land turtle? Land turtles are much easier to care for than aquatic turtles, but they are less active. Aquatic turtles require an aquarium, which requires more maintenance.

The most popular species of turtles are the red-eared tortoise and the land-based Central Asian tortoise

With good care, turtles can live at home for up to 50 years.

All turtles need to be exposed to ultraviolet light, either through special lamps or through natural exposure to sunlight.

Many turtles grow big enough to need an appropriate terrarium.

Most turtles eat a variety of foods that include fruits and vegetables: dandelions, lettuce, carrot pieces, bell peppers, and others.

In general, domestic turtles are rather unpretentious creatures and can live without water and food for a long time, they do not need steam, they are quiet and slow.

However, do not forget that this is a pet that needs your care.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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