18 Breed Reviews: Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are docile and contact breeds. They are friendly towards other dogs and children.

Due to their hunting roots, Basset Hounds love to sniff and stalk. Basset Hound can be so carried away by this activity that he will not notice how lost he is. He is slow and stubborn. Can bark very loudly, especially when carried away. Bassetts are very curious and love to be around people.

Below you can see the reviews of the owners of these dogs.

#1 A wonderful dog that will become your reliable companion for years to come.

Firstly, this is a hunting dog, which in ancient times were sold in packs and could pass from one owner to another, therefore one of the main qualities, laid down even at the breeding stage, is its friendly attitude towards people and a complete absence of aggression. This dog is a great intellectual, and if you are looking for a dog that will follow your commands on demand, you clearly need a different breed. You can only negotiate with this dog. The British jokingly call him a gentleman with his pants down. Bassetts are highly trainable, very cunning, and quick-witted. It is impossible to train him stupidly, he can only be interested and he himself will gladly join the process.

Despite their heavy build, they are unusually mobile and very hardy, they are born hunters - hounds with a great sense of smell. Therefore, they need long walks, which give them great joy. But they can lie phlegmatically for hours on the couch and contemplate. They certainly value comfort, so the best sofa in the house is always for them :-).

This is undoubtedly a dog partner, there are so much dignity and calmness in him, he will never hysteria and fuss, but he will achieve his goal persistently and stubbornly.

Therefore, when thinking about buying a puppy, do not pursue fashion trends, choose with your heart. Look into the huge eyes of a basset, drown in them and take a step towards many years of mutual love.


#2 Eared miracle

#3 A wonderful dog with its own characteristics and pronounced character!

Kind, cheerful, intelligent, cunning, understand human speech well; can run away from the owner carried away by the smell or the dog, stubborn, you need to negotiate with her.

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