18 Reasons Why Shih Tzu Shouldn’t Be Trusted

The Shih Tzu is a legendary Tibetan breed that is incredibly beautiful and has not lost its popularity over the millennia. For a long time, such dogs were kept only in the imperial palaces and their export outside the country was impossible since violators were severely punished. Then the influence of traditions weakened somewhat, and these amazing and lovely companions also began to live among the European nobility.

Hardly anyone can be left indifferent by the luxurious wool flowing with silk, smart eyes, and perky disposition of this oriental beauty. It is not for nothing that throughout history she was given the most poetic names – lion, chrysanthemum, or princess. By the way, it was believed that the Shih Tzu was the favorite animal of the Buddha. Today it is not difficult to acquire such a puppy. However, you need to understand the full responsibility to the pet and provide the conditions necessary for its living. The right choice is also important – you should buy a dog only from those breeders who adhere to breed standards.

#1 They can often be spotted in scary gangs…

#2 They always feel like real hosts in the house!

#3 They are very bad around children.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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