18 Reasons Why Corgis Shouldn’t Be Trusted

They are strong and agile dogs. Life expectancy is about 15 years.

Like many other breeds, Welsh Corgi is prone to eye and oral diseases. Careful nutritional control is required. Corgis love to eat and take every opportunity to feast on. To prevent your dog from developing overweight problems, you must always follow the correct diet.

This is an unpretentious, naturally clean breed of dog that does not need complicated care.

It is recommended to comb out cardigans every day, and Pembroke about once a week.

During a walk in bad weather, the corgi often gets dirty on the stomach. Impurities are removed upon arrival home with a damp sponge, with a special shampoo if necessary.

#1 Firstly, Corgis are pretty much the criminal ringleaders of the dog world.

#2 They always feel like real hosts in the house!

#3 They can often be spotted in scary gangs…

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  1. I’ve had Cardigan Welsh Corgis for over 40 years & strongly disagree that they are prone to eye & oral diseases. Many, many years ago PRA started to become a problem but with careful breeding practices it is now rarely found. As for oral diseases, I’ve never heard of any at all. If you purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder, Cardigans very rarely have any health issues.

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