20 Pekingese Mixes You Should Love Right Now

For centuries, these dogs sat on the laps of kings and queens and are so accustomed to their position that even now they are not going to put up with a different status.

Pekingese are a combination of great intelligence, dignity, and pride. Pekingese are confident in their irresistibility.

Dogs of this breed are sensitive natures and, despite their careless arrogance, need a lot of attention. Pekingese do not like to be rudely treated or shouted at them. In addition, they are prone to jealousy and if there are other animals in the house, they will compete for the attention of the owner.

Despite this, the Pekingese are ideal pets for both experienced and inexperienced owners. They make great companions, and their low physical demands mean they are also well suited for the elderly and people with disabilities.

#1 Griffonese: Pekingese and Brussels Griffon

#2 Havapeke: Pekingese and Havanese

#3 Pekalier: Pekingese and Cavalier King Charles

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