5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Cat Toys For Indoor Cats

A bored cat is one of the last concerns you’d want to deal with while working from home these days. You could tell if a cat is suffering from boredom if it takes too many naps, becomes lethargic, or worse, tinkers with your furniture. Like any good cat parent, you’d want to provide your kitty with a source of enjoyment while protecting your furniture from cat scratches. There is a whole range of cat toys for indoor cats, but which ones do you choose? Here are a few tips so you can make the most of your cat toys and your cat’s sweet time.

Tips in Getting the Most Out of Cat Toys

  1. Before you buy a cat toy, observe your cat’s personality and preferences. Cats are truly a character, and each one has a personality of his own. Some are fetchers, and many are scratchers. Quite a lot are chasers of balls of yarn, while others run after light. It may be best to find out how your cat enjoys playtime so you would know what toy would be most suitable for him. Maybe your cat would love a toy that can be tossed high since he loves to take a leap and catch toys in mid-air. Or perhaps your cat loves to roll around and pounce on a toy on the ground. Taking time to know your cat’s personality will definitely make cat toy shopping more special.
  2. Give your cat one toy at a time. Based on what you’ve observed about your cat and what he enjoys, introduce just one toy until your cat’s next bored phase! This will ensure that you are really making the most of your toy choice and are getting your money’s worth. One of the most common cat toys for indoor cats that you can start with is a scratchboard. Be sure to check that the sound that the board makes is not too loud to disturb you or to scare the cat. Some scratchboard types also come at an inclined angle to help cats get a little bit of exercise.
  3. Consider getting a toy that a cat plays on his own. Cat toys that allow you to leave your cat to play solo would be most helpful, especially on your busy days. Cat trees or cat tunnels where your cat can go through or hide in and have toys to paw and pounce on are a good choice. However, it is best to go for high-quality cat toys for indoor cats, especially if you leave them unsupervised at playtime. Always check for durability and safety.
  4. Consider getting a toy that would involve you playing with it. Give yourself time to enjoy and bond with your cat by choosing an interactive toy, like a laser light toy. It would need you to flash the light on the wall or any surface for the cat to chase and leap up to – some laser light cat toys for indoor cats flashlight in fun, exciting shapes like cat paws.
  5. Choose toys that have a treat holder or compartment. These types of toys would also be a good way to motivate your cat with treats and kibbles. You can also look for a treat maze that can help a cat’s hunting instincts come alive. Make sure you have the best cat treats for kittens at your disposal.


It’s good to be more deliberate at making the most of cat toys for indoor cats because these are not just for play anyway. Cat toys make great tools to help maintain a cat’s weight, sharpen a cat’s motor skills, and keep him away from diseases. As a cat parent, seeing your cat up and about is definitely one of life’s most sublime cat moments.

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