A Dog and a Baby: How to Introduce Them?

If a baby will soon appear in your house and at the same time you already have a dog, you should prepare the pet in advance for the appearance of a new family member, and then introduce them correctly so that the dog does not start to be jealous of your child?

First of all, take up the education of the dog, if for some reason you have not already done so. Teach her to perform basic commands, if necessary – work with a dog handler or zoopsychologist to deal with behavioral abnormalities (of course, if any). All this must be done as early as possible so that by the time the baby appears in the house you already have a well-mannered dog that understands and fulfills your commands.

Before the birth of a child, it will not be superfluous to take the dog to the veterinary clinic to make sure that the pet is completely healthy. Also, do not forget about regular treatments for external and internal parasites and annual vaccinations.

Preparing for the Meeting

If with the arrival of a child in the house you plan to change something in the life of the dog – for example, transfer it to another room, change the walking time or prohibit it from climbing onto the bed, then do it in advance. The dog should not associate any changes (especially unpleasant ones) with the appearance of the baby.

Also, arrange all the new things in advance so that the pet has time to get used to them.

First Meeting

Dogs sense the mood of their owners, so try not to worry – otherwise, this excitement will be passed on to the pet. Let the dog first meet with the owner, whom she has not seen for several days, then introduce her to the baby. Let the dog sniff the child, but control their interaction – it is best if the pet is on a leash. Praise your dog for his interest and neatness. If, on the contrary, she is not interested in the child, do not insist.

What’s Next?

After the acquaintance has taken place, give the dog time to get used to the new circumstances. Remember to give her enough attention so that she doesn’t feel lonely and blame the baby for it. The most important thing for a pet at this time is to feel that everyone loves him the same way, that nothing has changed with the owners in relation to him.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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