All About the New Cat Breed – Ragamuffin

When you first see the ragamuffin in the distance, you will be amazed. A gorgeous cat with huge eyes that ask you to come closer. Ragamuffins have truly luxurious and soft wool, with the first contact with which you might think you are in heaven. These cats are known for their docile nature, they love to be squeezed and are ready to completely relax in your arms.

Ragamuffin character

Like ragdolls, ragamuffins love people and will always follow them to sit on their laps. The temperament of these cats can be described as a combination of a surprisingly cuddly and intelligent pet that looks more like a dog due to its friendliness, willingness to play and learn commands, and walk on a leash. Ragamuffin will always welcome guests warmly and happily greet you after work.

Ragamuffins have a very flexible character. They love to be stroked and squeezed. They also love to play, and it is better for them to play with toys and scratching posts than with your furniture. These cats very rarely scratch people.

Ragamuffins are soft and cute cats that crave attention. Better not to wind up ragamuffin if you have to leave him alone for more than a few hours at a time.


Ragamuffins tend to have good health and a fairly long life span, which averages 18 years. However, when buying a kitten, it is important to choose a trusted and experienced breeder.

These cats are very intelligent, which also allows them to overeat. Ragamuffins are definitely big cats, but they don’t have to be fat.

Maintenance and care

The soft coat of the ragamuffin is quite long, but rarely tangles. Weekly brushing should be enough for this cat to remove dead hairs and maintain a beautiful appearance.

Regular brushing of your ragamuffin’s teeth will help prevent oral diseases. Also, every couple of weeks, the cat needs to be clipped. The corners of the eyes should be wiped with a soft, damp cloth to remove discharge.

Ragamuffin’s ears should be checked regularly and if they look dirty they should be wiped with a cotton swab or damp soft cloth. Do not use cotton swabs, which can damage the inner ear.

The ragamuffin is believed to have no fear at all, so it’s not a good idea to let him go outside. He has no idea that other animals or people can harm him.

Children and other animals

Calm and level-headed, ragamuffins are the ideal family cat. They will not mind if they are squeezed like a child or dressed in different costumes. They are playful and smart, love to play, and can learn different commands and tricks.

Teach children how to hold the cat correctly so that they support the back and front end. Ragamuffins are also friendly to other pets, including dogs, birds, other cats, and rodents. This gentle giant has no methods, only friends.

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