Are Blackberries Good or Bad for Dogs?

Does your dog love fresh fruit and sweet berries? Then the delicious blackberries are certainly a welcome treat for your four-legged friend. Here’s what to look for when giving blackberries to your dog.

Are Blackberries OK for Dogs: Blackberries for Dogs in Brief?

  • The blackberry is healthy for dogs because it contains numerous vitamins and nutrients.
  • In naturopathy, both the fruit and the blackberry leaves are considered medicinal plants against inflammation and diarrhea.
  • Only feed a small amount initially to test whether your dog can tolerate blackberries well.

This is How Healthy Blackberries are for Dogs

Blackberries are not only non-toxic to dogs, but they are also very healthy. The small fruits contain plenty of vitamin C, but also essential B vitamins, provitamin A, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. But that’s not all: with their healthy vitamins and minerals, blackberries can not only contribute to the dog’s healthy diet but are also considered a remedy. In naturopathy, blackberries are considered diuretic and effective against diarrheal diseases. In addition to the fruits, blackberry leaves also contain active ingredients that can relieve inflammation and gastrointestinal complaints.

How to Properly Prepare Blackberries for the Dog

Just like strawberries or blueberries, the delicious blackberry can also be fed raw to the dog. Many dogs like to help themselves from wild blackberry bushes and nibble on the sweet fruits right on the roadside, in the forest, or in the garden.

The blackberry is not only a healthy treat for on the go, but can just as easily be included in your dog’s diet.

Simply mix a handful of blackberries into your usual dog food. The berries are also an ideal addition to the barf menu because of their numerous nutrients. Outside the blackberry season, you can use freeze-dried blackberries. These are briefly soaked and then mixed with the food.

Blackberry Leaves as a Remedy for the Dog

If your dog suffers from diarrhea or inflammation around the mouth, you can take advantage of the healing properties of the blackberry leaf. There are various options: If you have diarrhea, you can make tea from the blackberry leaves by pouring hot water over the leaves and letting them steep. Once the tea has cooled, you can offer it to your dog. If, on the other hand, your dog has inflammation in the area of the mouth, the soaked leaves can be mixed with the food to increase its effectiveness.

Disadvantages of Blackberries for Dogs

Despite its many benefits, blackberries can harm your dog. Some four-legged friends are sensitive to fruits and get gas or diarrhea if they eat too many berries. Injections or other pollutants can also lead to unwanted side effects.

Make sure that you wash the fruit thoroughly and that your furry friend does not pick the berries directly from the bush if possible. This will also prevent the dog from injuring itself on the brambles’ thorns.

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