Basset Hound: Dog Breed Information

Basset Hounds are excellent hunters with an excellent sense of smell. They love to sniff everything, especially new things. They like to walk very much, and they need long walks like air. These dogs are quite mobile and reckless, they show a keen interest in everything. They are ideal companions and great nannies.


The Basset Hound is an adorable dog with an elongated body on short legs and incredibly long ears. The Basset Hound can reach 38 cm at the withers and weigh about 29 kg. The Basset Hound has a massive, but balanced physique, the back is quite wide and straight. The withers and rump are approximately at the same level, the loin is often slightly arched. The chest is protruding, but not narrow and not pronouncedly deep, the limbs are short and massive, the legs are also massive. The neck is muscular, with dewlap, the lines of the forehead and muzzle are almost parallel. Jaws strong, scissor bite. The eyes are diamond-shaped, dark. The nose is black; in light-colored dogs, it may be brown.

The ears are set below the line of the eyes. They are long, thin, narrow along their entire length. The tail is long, strong at the base, and tapering to the tip, does not curl, in the active state it is carried above the back, takes the shape of a saber.

The coat is short, smooth, and dense. The color is usually red & white or black & white with a blush. Any color of hounds is allowed.


Basset Hounds are animators in the canine world. The breed is endowed with such a title because of the desire to always amuse and delight its owners. Indeed, Basset Hounds are ideal pets, incredibly sociable, loyal, friendly. By the way, the friendliness of Basset Hounds extends to everyone: to family members and new acquaintances, to other dogs and even cats. Basset Hounds are perfect nannies. They love to play with children and they do it very well.

These dogs always strive to be part of the family and hate being alone. Basset Hounds is not recommended to be left alone for a long time. If you are often absent, another dog or cat will help brighten up the loneliness of your pet.

Basset Hounds love to eat and steal food quite often. Moreover, Basset Hound will never miss the opportunity to climb on the table and lick the plates. And he can even act not like a gentleman, stealing a treat from the hands of a defenseless child.

As for training, Basset Hounds can work out commands for a long time due to their natural stubbornness. If Basset does not want to execute the command, he will not execute it. Therefore, the owner will have to be patient and in no case offend the dog. Otherwise, she will cease to respect the owner – and then it will be possible to forget about successful training.


Basset Hounds are dogs with excellent health. They thrive in almost any climate. However, these dogs can suffer from bloating, back pain, and ear problems. The tendency to such problems is due to the structure of the dog’s body.
Basset Hounds are short and often get dirty during walks. Basset Hound has to be washed more often than many other dogs.


Basset Hounds are bred in the UK. According to one version, their ancestors were Bloodhounds. The breed is believed to have a long history. Even William Shakespeare described in his works the Basset Hounds, knocking down dew with their long ears.

The breed was recognized by the English Club in 1883. After that, work began on improving the breed, thanks to which Basset Hounds became not only hounds but also decorative dogs.

Interesting Facts

  • The long ears of a Basset Hound are not a fun feature, but a hunting advantage. By touching the ground and plants, long ears collect odors and help the dog stay on track.
  • Basset Hounds owe their perfect stability on bumpy terrain to their large paws.
  • Basset Hound has the best nose in the world! More precisely, almost the best: only Bloodhound’s nose is better than the Basset Hounds nose. These are not just noses, but precise instruments that capture all odors. Basset Hound has 20 million olfactory receptors in its nose! Just compare – a person has only 5 million of them.


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