Beagle Dog Breed – Personality Traits

These small and lovable dogs, agile, energetic, and purposeful, have won a large following among pet owners.

Beagles were once bred specifically for hunting hares and rabbits, but now they are an excellent companion dog. In order to know what difficulties you can face when starting a dog of this breed, it is necessary to study the main characteristics of the beagle. This is what we will do in our article.

Beagle Personality Traits

The character of the beagle is practically the standard of an excellent hunter who has become famous all over the world, and has recently been more and more confidently gaining fame as an excellent companion.

However, like any breed, there are pluses and minuses in the beagle’s character. And, as often happens, one is a continuation of the second.

The Beagle is a cheerful, loyal, loving little dog. He treats both people and the dogs that live nearby equally well. But if there are cats or small animals in the house, the representative of the breed may perceive them as prey, so be vigilant.

Everything a beagle does – he does with ardent enthusiasm. The puppy will even gnaw on shoes that have not been removed in time with indomitable delight.

He sparkles with vitality and happiness. A sad, depressed hypochondriac is a bad owner for a beagle, a dog will only annoy him. If humor, optimism, interest in the world around you, and an active life position are not alien to you, this dog is exactly what you need. Together you can make a lot of interesting discoveries.

The beagle is a gregarious dog. Place in the hierarchy is important for him, and he will fit into any system. But if the position of the leader is vacant, he will not refuse to take it. In this case, attempts to command a pet will be perceived with bewilderment. However, aggression is not in the nature of a beagle. Rather, he will insist on his own, constantly improving in the art of pranks and mischief. And persistence is his middle name! Yes, and this kid does not mind.

Beagle is an eternal puppy, looking at which one cannot help but smile.

In order to direct the irrepressible energy in the right direction, it is necessary to systematically deal with the beagle. And give the opportunity to have fun: run, jump, participate in competitions. Keep in mind that the breed’s inherent independence in decision-making can breed stubbornness.

Beagle is distinguished by responsibility for prey and persistence in pursuit. Therefore, they often successfully search for explosives at airports.

There are also difficulties. Like most hounds, the beagle is a vagabond by nature, so try to make sure that your pet does not go on unauthorized absence.

Representatives of the breed do not tolerate loneliness. If you work all day, the dog will be bored, nervous and irritable, and will begin to destroy the apartment. However, if you have two dogs, they will keep each other company, and the issue will be resolved.

Another distinctive feature that can create a problem when kept in a city apartment is the voice of the beagle. This is a hound that was bred to chase the beast and at the same time give a voice all the time. Can you imagine how much they need to tell the world to use up their daily vocabulary? Plus, they just love the sound of their own voices. The opinion of others in this matter is secondary for them.

How to walk with a beagle? Get ready for the fact that you will have to be in the fresh air for 2 – 3 hours a day in any weather, and go out of town on weekends.

The Beagle is an ideal pet for an active family that wants to have a funny and charming friend but is ready to devote a lot of time to him and make sure that he does not sneak away and rush, sniffing out the trail, to some delightful (from his point of view) adventure …

Beagle & Children

Beagle loves children of the soul and can become an excellent companion for them. This is one of the few breeds that can be purchased as a dog “for children” since a teenager (over 12 years old) can also become an authority for it.

But Bigley also adores younger children. After all, children are so similar to them – spontaneity and curiosity. Together they will willingly explore the world around them, jump over ditches, wade through thickets, shout and bark in chorus, play football and run – endlessly.

Even the curiosity of a very small child, the beagle is able to withstand, maintaining complacency.

But all this is true only for a well-mannered, trained dog, which has the ability to “blow off steam” in active walks and outdoor games.

A general rule for all breeds: at first you should not leave the child and the dog alone, unattended.

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