Beagle: Personality and Temperament

The Beagle is a smooth-haired hunting dog, agile, with a cheerful disposition and a very good scent.

Muscular, strong, with relatively short legs, beagles seem to be relatives of fighting dogs, but in fact, beagles are hounds that develop good speed and are able to drive a hare.

The character of most beagles is light, friendly, inquisitive, purposeful.


Character and Temperament

Beagles are eternal puppies created from smiles, pranks, and entertainment. They do everything with enthusiasm.

Beagles are independent dogs, true hounds. Due to the fact that they make decisions instantly, the representatives of the breed can be considered unpredictable. For example, during a walk, a beagle can accidentally get carried away and rush off on the trail. If you manage to call him in time, he will most likely come to his senses and return, but in the forest, it is better to keep your pet on a tape measure.

In the city, the beagle, as a rule, is a calm sensible dog, which is better to walk with, nevertheless, on a long leash, so that the dog, being carried away, does not jump over a ditch or begin to wade through the bushes to explore something that smells so tempting.

Remember that the beagle is a hunter by nature and can travel long distances in search of prey. The structure of the skeleton and muscles allows them to move a lot and almost never get tired.

Beagles are contact dogs that adore all family members, including children. And the “cub” over 4 years old is the best companion and favorite owner for the representatives of the breed! It is not for nothing that beagles are considered ideal dogs for children.

Beagles are curious, and if they are interested in something, they are ready to even creep closer to a suspicious object. At the same time, they are bold, vigorous, and proactive.

Observations of the breeder: Distinctive features of the beagle: intelligence, mobility, determination, and complete absence of aggression. Since the beagles hunted in a pack, they get along well with other dogs. And, most likely, they will be able to make friends with other pets, for example, cats.

Beagles are sociable and level-headed. Do not expect them to rush to defend the territory from strangers or animals. Rather, seeing a “stranger” of any biological species, the beagle will politely and benevolently communicate, rather than actively drive away.

In a calm state, beagles are silent, but when hunting, they emit a beautiful harmonious bark. This is a distinctive feature of the breed, for which they are often referred to as “singing beagles”.

Breeder’s recommendation: Beagles do not like loneliness: being left alone, the pet will get bored, become nervous, and irritable. If you are away for a long time, you can get a second dog to keep the beagle company. Two beagles are always better than one! Plus, you can spend less time walking – the dogs will play with each other.

When bored, beagles can chew on something (for example, your favorite sneakers). However, it all depends on the upbringing.


With all their independence, the Beagles are completely in control of their instincts, and they can be taught anything, even dance. But obedience will have to work and constantly study. Don’t get hung up on failure! Act confidently, rewarding your dog as much as possible for the slightest achievement.

Beagles are quite straightforward and do not tolerate controversy. If you have allowed something once, the pet will firmly believe that it can always be done. The upbringing of a beagle is a system of indisputable prohibitions and a clear hierarchy in your “pack”. After all, beagles are pack dogs, and if you do not immediately determine who is the “leader” here, the dog will gladly appoint itself to this “vacancy”.

Breeder’s recommendation: Beagles is easy to get used to the toilet, the main thing is not to miss it and after sleep take the baby outside.


Beagles are big gourmands and gluttons. And with might and main, they use a devoted, languid look to beg for an extra piece. Don’t give in!

For a beagle, a properly formulated diet and diet is important. Servings should be complete and reasonable in size. Beagles are fed 2 times a day.

Breeder’s recommendation: The best choice is dry food. In this case, it is easy to control the calorie content of food. Fatty foods and sweets are strictly prohibited!

Maintenance and Care

The beagle’s coat is thick and short, the color is usually tricolor, but it can be anything other than the liver. The tip of the tail is white. To care for beagle hair, it is enough to comb it out with a stiff brush or wipe it with a damp terry towel once every 2 weeks.

Brush your dog out more often during intensive molting.

The beagle is rarely bathed, as it gets dirty.

Breeder’s Observations: Beagles don’t mind lying in the sun, but they can’t stand the heat. However, they don’t really like rain either – after all, you have to wet your paws, and the beagles don’t like it!

Beagles are very clean, but in search of prey, they can crawl into the mud. But, as a rule, they bypass dirty places.

Beagles swim well, but they won’t get into the water just like that.

They love to sleep on the master’s sofa.


Beagles have very good health – the immunity of these dogs is able to quickly cope with various ailments. There are very few genetic diseases that beagles are susceptible to.

What Kind of Owner Does a Beagle Need?

If you are firmly convinced that you need a beagle and only a beagle – get a beagle. But first, decide what you need a dog for: a cheerful and kind friend for a child, a companion for long walks, a hunting assistant, a prize-winner of all possible exhibitions … Or maybe the dog should help you find peace? Or lose it completely …

Breeder’s recommendation: It is important to correctly assess your financial capabilities: raising a champion cannot be cheap.

Do not forget: the behavior of your dog, as well as the comfort of the people and animals around, entirely depends on whether you are able to raise your pet correctly. All in your hands. Practice with a beagle from an early age and you will grow up a loyal companion and loyal friend.

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