Best English Dog Names with Meaning

English dog names often end with a “Y” and are extremely popular in this country. The original thing about it: names that stand for food appear between the common names. We will introduce you to funny and beautiful names for four-legged friends and briefly explain their meaning.

Before a dog moves into his new home, the question of all questions arises: “What name should the future family member listen to?” One thing is clear: a dog’s name should be easy to pronounce, short and ideally 100% suitable for the four-legged friend, above all his gender (dog names female vs. dog names male).

English bulldogs, for example, often have a funny or strong name that goes well with the grim facial expression or imposing stature. Terriers, on the other hand, are often given names that reflect their liveliness. The following dog names are by no means intended only for the English dog breeds – they suit every furry friend.

English Dog Names with Meaning


The English short form of the French name Aimée scores with its wonderful meaning. Amy is called “the beloved”. Hence the name fits perfectly for females of any breed of dog.


Now it’s getting musical: Boogie is the first part of the “Boogie-Woogie” dance style. The name sounds perky and is suitable for both females and dogs.


For all lovers of biscuits and cookies: The dog name Cookie (in German: biscuit) is very popular in Germany. As with the name boogie, it can be used for both females and males.


This name has its origins in Ireland. It is derived from the old Irish family name “Mac Óda”, which translates as “son of Óda”. A good idea for the name of a male Irish Setter or Irish Terrier.


Dreamy: Daisy means “the daisy” in German. Many associate the name with the Walt Disney character “Daisy Duck”. Even if it’s a duck, Daisy is an endearing name for a lady dog.


For all redheads among the fur noses: Ginger means “ginger” or “those with reddish-brown hair”. In addition, the name is also the short form of Virginia – which in turn stands for “the virgin”. Ginger is a great name for any female who has a fox-colored coat.


For dogs who like to test their power: The English name Henry means “the ruler”, “the mighty” or “the master of the house”. It is derived from the German name Heinrich. The English version is much more suitable for dogs. It impresses with its beautiful sound and is an excellent choice for males of all breeds.


Do you just think your future four-legged friend is cute? Then Honey might be the perfect name choice for a female Translated, the name means “honey”. The dog’s name is particularly appropriate if the fur is honey-colored. Often Podencos or Shiba Inus have such a coat color.


The pure joy of life! A short name for females that has it all. Joy is the English word for “joy”. This name is ideal for lively dog ​​breeds, such as Border Collies or Shetland Sheepdogs.


Mabel comes from the Latin word amabilis. Translated, the name means “the lovable one”. It is perfect for gentle females who love everyone and every conspecific.


This is the English short form of two different names. Percy was derived from the old French name Perceval. A knight around King Arthur bore this special name. The origin also lies in ancient Greek: Perseus means “Greek demigod” or “son of the sea”.


The sky is the limit! For everyone who is true to this motto, the name is a great idea for their four-legged friend. This beautiful dog name simply means: “Heaven”. This is a unisex name. So no matter if male or female – the name Sky is looking for its name bearer!


With this name, the mail goes off. Speedy is suitable for both females and males. Especially fast and agile dogs can adorn themselves with this funny name. How about the name Speedy for a Jack Russel Terrier? Or for an Afghan Hound?

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