Best Italian Dog Names With Meaning

Italian first names have a nice sound and often particularly nice meanings. We introduce you to the most beautiful dog names from Bella Italia for female and male animals. We also go into the meaning of the names so that you can find a suitable name for your loyal friend.

Oftentimes, people considering adopting or buying a fur nose are looking for a nice term. For animal breeds with an Italian origin like that

  • Cane Corso
  • Lagotto Romagnolo
  • Volpino Italiano
  • Mastino Napoletano

a suitable name can be a great idea. We introduce you to the most popular Italian dog names from A to Z. We will go into more detail about names for males and names for females.

Italian Dog Names with Meaning


Amica means something like “the girlfriend” and is therefore used for females.


Amico is the male form of Amica and is therefore called “the friend”.


Bella is a classic term for female four-legged friends and means “the beautiful one”.


Bravo is a name for a male dog and means “good boy”.


Dolce stands for something “sweet” and is most often used for female four-legged friends.


Luna means “moon” and is a very popular name for female fur noses.


Mario is one of the most famous southern European male names and means “lone fighter”.


Nero was the last emperor of the Roman Empire and is often used in dog names.


Tesoro is suitable for males and describes a “treasure”.


Vita is also one of the names for females and translates as “life”.

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