Black and Silver Miniature Schnauzer Dog Breed Information

According to the established standard of appearance, a miniature schnauzer can have only four variants of coat color. So, in addition to black, white, and “pepper and salt”, the color “black with silver” is also permitted. It is often confused with pepper, but in reality, they are completely different.

What do Miniature Schnauzers Look Like in Black and Silver Color?

Black and silver miniature schnauzer

The standard for this color is considered to be black guard hair and undercoat of the same shade. At the same time, the silvery-gray markings are located on the cheekbones, above the eyes, on the throat, beard, and front of the chest (in the form of triangles). There is also white hair on the paws, around the anus. On the forehead, neck, and outer side of the auricle, the outer cover hair is black.

Important! Black-silver schnauzers differ from dogs in the “pepper and salt” color in that their undercoat and guard hairs are much darker. This is due to the fact that dogs of American origin took part in the selection.

Puppies of this color are born with reddish markings, which gradually brighten over time. Over time, the body is overgrown with a black stiff awn, except for those parts of the body where the coat should be silver-gray.

Important! The skin on the eyelids, nose, and paw pads of black-silver schnauzers is always black.

If you want your pet to take part in the show, prepare it for it. So, he should not have any flaws in both behavior and appearance. If the schnauzer has a brown undercoat or there are no white spots on the chest, it will not be admitted to the show.

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