Black Rottweiler: All You Need to Know

Sometimes on the street, you can find a dog that is very similar to a Rottweiler but with completely black hair. For those who do not understand the peculiarities of this breed, it may seem that this is representative of a completely different species, but this is not so. Rottweilers with a black coat, although rare, still exist.

Black Rottweiler Dog

Full Black Rottweiler

At the very beginning of the birth of the breed, these dogs were used as an ordinary labor force. Large and hardy Rottweilers were attracted to guarding, grazing livestock, and transporting goods. In those days, breeders paid little attention to the appearance of dogs, placing more emphasis on physical characteristics. In order to make the Rottweilers even stronger, breeding work was carried out, to which dogs of other breeds were often involved. That is why it was possible to find puppies in the litter, which are quite unusual for modern representatives of the breed. Puppies with black hair were also born.

Important! It is believed that black dogs used to be as common as black and tan.

Be that as it may, the only acceptable color, which was included in the standard, drawn up after the official recognition of the breed, was black and tan. All other colors were outside the breed.

Otherwise, black Rottweilers are no different from their “standard” counterparts. They are also strong and resilient, in need of competent and strict education. Even considered “rejected” they are in good health, can be trained in military affairs, become rescuers or guides. In addition, the black Rottweiler looks very unusual and distinctive.

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