Breed Review: American Bobtail (14 Pics)

#7 A very friendly, loving, affectionate breed that radiates tenderness.

American Bobtails are balanced, calm cats, but they do not easily tolerate loneliness. They are truly attached to their master and have a unique ability to sensitively pick up the slightest changes in his mood. In the United States, they are used for some therapies.

#8 Bobtails are smart, easy to train, flexible.

They get along well with other inhabitants of the house, even with dogs. Despite the rather "wild" appearance, these are very affectionate and gentle, truly domestic creatures.

#9 Being extremely active and energetic, they are very fond of walks and outdoor games.

Since they quickly get used to the leash, exercise will give a lot of pleasure not only to the pet, but also to the owner, and having a leash will save you from unnecessary worries and hassles.

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