Breed Review: Bearded Collie (16 Pics)

#4 The Bearded Collie is a very hard-working dog.

She is happy when she can be useful to the owner, loves the family in which she lives. She is not characterized by aggression, which makes it possible for her to live with children, and literally becomes a nanny for them.

#5 She is incredibly fond of learning, and achieves high marks in the disciplines of agility and frisbee.

Until old age, she remains fun and playful fidget. She is a companion dog, loneliness is very stressful for her. If you are a busy person who is rarely at home, this breed is not for you.

#6 Proper upbringing and socialization makes her absolutely not aggressive towards other dogs, on the contrary, she is happy to work in a team, without showing dominance.

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