Breed Review: Bearded Collie (16 Pics)

#7 But at the same time, she is a wonderful watchman and an avid lover of “educating” everyone around, and this is especially not like cats.

She has excellent inclinations, but without proper upbringing, they will not develop.

#8 The dog is easy to train, but does it more willingly if the training is carried out in the form of a game, and it is generously encouraged.

Although she is not conflicted, stubborn, and she should clearly know who is the boss, otherwise she will quickly take this place. But avoid any rudeness, she is a very vulnerable dog, cannot stand loud sounds and shouts of the owner.

#9 This is a very active breed and will not settle for a 15 minute walk around the house.

Long walks not only help to keep her physical condition in good shape, but also stimulate brain activity.

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