Breed Review: Bedlington Terrier (19 Pics)

The rare Bedlington Terrier breed is known to many breeders as the “dog in sheep’s clothing.” Despite its gentle outward appearance, this breed of dogs is distinguished by its devotion and love for its owners.

The dog is ideal for families with small children. The history of this breed and general characteristics have to be found out now.

#1 The birthplace of the Bedlington Terrier is the UK.

Initially, the breed was bred for hunting small rodents and birds. The specialists did not succeed in achieving such an appearance immediately.

#2 Before this magnificent breed of dogs appeared, the breeders had to cross the Whippet with the Dandy Dinmont Terrier, and then add the Otterhound to the process.

#3 Previously, the breed did not differ from the usual hunting dog, however, over time, more interesting qualities began to appear.

For example, English gypsies organized dog fights with this breed and received huge money for entertainment.

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