How Much Does a Bedlington Terrier Cost?

Name: Bedlington Terrier
Other names: Rothbury Terrier, Rodbery Terrier
Country of origin: UK
Size Type: Small Dog Breeds
Group: Terrier breed
Life span: 12 – 14 years
Temperament: Gentle, Intelligent, Well-tempered, Vigorous
Height: Females: 38-42 cm; Males: 41-44 cm
Weight: Females: 7.7-10.5 kg; Males: 7.7-10.5 kg
Color: Liver, Blue, Sandy, Liver and brown, Blue and brown, Sandy and brown-tan
Price of puppies: $1,200 – $1,800 USD

Hypoallergenic: Yes

The Bedlington Terrier was first developed in England in the 19th century. At the very beginning, it was called a bell terrier. At the moment, subspecies, which have short, relatively long bodies, legs are used to hunt foxes, hares, and badgers. In 1825, the female Beid Millington was sired to breed the Beid Warrington Terrier. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the hound was mated with the Dandy Ding Terrier to improve the breed’s qualities such as height, beauty, speed, and agility, as well as maintain qualities such as vitality and endurance.

Muscular and very flexible. The chest is deep. The ribs are flat and form a deep brisket that reaches the elbow joints. The back has a wonderful arcuate curve in the lumbar region, which creates a wonderful lift above the centerline. The length of the body is much greater than the height. The developed musculature of the quarters also gives excellent qualities to the breed.

Bedlington is a confident, intelligent dog and an excellent hunter. He has a loving and self-confident character, never sad or nervous. During the rest, it has a soft and kind appearance. During the hunt, the dog is filled with energy and courage.

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