Bedlington Terrier Breed Information & Characteristics

The Bedlington Terrier is a lively, outgoing, courageous, athletic, and happy dog ​​that is very affectionate and always protective of his family. He is very loving and always looks forward to your return home. He forms very strong bonds with his family and needs a lot of attention in the form of hugs or chances to fall asleep next to you while you watch TV.

That is The Bedlington Terrier

He’s easily disturbed if you ask him to play, if you want to take him for a walk, or if he hears a strange noise at the door. He is a good watchdog, alerting you very quickly when strange noises are approaching. He doesn’t mind dealing with small children as long as he has been trained from birth to handle small children. Dealing with other animals such as cats and dogs shouldn’t be a problem either if you have trained him to do so from birth.

As long as other dogs aren’t too pushy with him (he won’t shy away from a fight and likes to engage in small fights), he gets along well with them. He always tries to please his master, but can also be very stubborn. He is a trainable dog, but the headstrong part of him can often prevail which can prolong the dog’s trainability.

He needs his daily walk and loves to run fast. He must be kept on a leash at all times to avoid challenges with other dogs as he enjoys chasing smaller dogs. He can live in a home without a yard as long as you take him for walks and play with him daily. He loves to bark a lot and therefore often needs to be reminded when to stop. He sheds very little hair and is therefore a housebroken dog.

His Looks

The Bedlington Terrier is 38-44 cm tall and weighs 7-11 kg. He has a long coat with a mix of hard and soft fur. His fur color is often white, but can also consist of two combinations. His coat is often light as a pup and darkens with age.

So Much Care is Needed

His coat should be brushed and trimmed occasionally every few weeks.

Origin: Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier takes its name from an old mining area in Northumberland, England, but its deeper origins remain mysterious. It was used by gypsies to hunt games. Its nickname is also the gypsy dog.

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