Breed Review: Cane Corso (17 Pics)

#13 To achieve this, try to use commands more often in everyday life, for example, if you want to give an animal a treat, first command “sit”, and only after completing the command, reward your pet.

Also, at an early age, you will have to face attempts at dominance, and here you will also need to prove yourself as a strong and confident leader. Aggression, negative attitude is unacceptable, since the dog will not simply love and respect you.

#14 Just do not give toys until the pet obeys the command, delay eating if he does not want to obey you or behaves disgustingly, do not hesitate to scold him and behave strictly when necessary, and most importantly, never be afraid of your dog.

If you don't know how to be confident around a large dog, it is better to have a small one. Another tip - to develop independence and self-confidence, starting from adolescence, leave your pet alone, for a short time, in an apartment or in the yard if you have a private house. It will do him good.

#15 Dogs are unpretentious

But it should be clear that such a serious breed requires appropriate treatment. The Cane Corso puppy must be immediately identified for the place that he will later be guarded.

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