Breed Review: Dachshund (19 Pics)

Dachshund – without exaggeration, the most “charming and attractive” among a huge number of breeds. The charm of this dog allowed it to ignore the trends of capricious and changeable fashion, remaining for more than two centuries in the top lists in popularity. Among the faithful fans of the breed, you can find both avid hunters and people who sincerely perceive the dachshund as an exclusively indoor dog. The main thing is that they all consider their pets to be the standard of a dog’s mind, courage, devotion, love, and beauty.

#1 Dachshund is a hunting dog intended for burrow hunting, and in this segment it can rightfully be considered the oldest breed.

Although dogs that look like dachshunds are found even in ancient Egyptian depictions, it is generally accepted that the modern phenotype began to form in the 16th century. The birthplace of the breed is the German state of South Saxony.

#2 The main ancestors are the German short-legged hounds of the Bracke.

Having retained all the best hunting qualities of the latter, the dachshund was able to turn their disadvantage - short limbs - into a big plus and became an indispensable dog for burrowing hunting.

#3 German burghers, suffering from badger raids on agricultural land, quickly appreciated the benefits of the dachshund.

The breed did not give up its positions during the active development of cities in Germany, because it was convenient and not costly to keep a dog.

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