Breed Review: English Bulldog (17 Pics)

The English Bulldog is not only an excellent bodyguard but also a true friend. Even if for some reason you feel sad at heart, this stocky “Englishman” with a funny face will surely be able to cheer you up. But if a large head, a lot of wrinkles, and folds on the face can cheer, then the abundant salivation inherent in dogs can push someone away. The English Bulldog has a very characteristic appearance that cannot be confused with any other. Because of his appearance, it may seem that the pet is by nature clumsy and slow. However, if there is a real danger for himself or the owner, then the dog will react quickly and be able to defend himself. The four-legged native of Foggy Albion has a calm disposition and balanced character. These traits are combined with courage and even stubbornness.

#1 In the 17th-19th centuries, old English Bulldogs descended from the Central Asian Mastiffs and the North Caucasian Alans were widespread in Great Britain.

They were in demand as pickling dogs for hunting. The name fully corresponded to its purpose: the word "bulldog" is translated from English as "bulldog". It is the old English bulldogs that are the ancestors of the heroes of our article - modern English bulldogs.

#2 There are significant similarities in appearance between the Old English Bulldog and the Modern English Bulldog.

But the main difference is still character. The ancestors of today's Bulldogs were very vicious. They were used to entertain the crowd, set against bulls, horses, and even bears and lions. Such bloody fights led to the death of not only wild animals but also the bulldogs themselves, who became victims of fangs, horns, and hooves. The end of such, if I may say so, entertainment came in 1835, when the British government completely banned bullfighting. Only this did not stop the fans of bloody "sports": if it became impossible to playoff Old English Bulldogs with bulls, then instead of the latter they began to use other dogs.

#3 After a short time, dog fights were also banned.

But such humanity played a cruel joke with the old English bulldogs. Having lost the opportunity to participate in battles - whether with wild animals or with other dogs - the breed began to degrade, as its unusually powerful, strong jaws with a death grip did not find a use for themselves. Another blow to the breed was its actual extinction, as Bulldogs were mated with representatives of other breeds, and ultimately there were very few purebred dogs left.

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