Breed Review: Golden Retriever (19 Pics)

#4 In terms of the number of enthusiastic reviews from owners, Golden Retrievers are almost ahead of all breeds.

Indeed, only a convinced dog-hater can unearth the flaws in these good-natured intellectuals. As for ordinary animal lovers, their goldens literally captivate with their softness and phenomenal facial memory. If one of your friends treated your pet to a treat or entertained him with an unpretentious game, you can be sure that the retriever will not forget to add a fat "plus" to the karma of this friend.

#5 Calm and balanced in everyday life, representatives of this breed try to keep their brand even in the most delicate situations.

They are not at all conflicting and are ready to get along with any four-legged creature that does not show open aggression. Even in the tensest moments, the Goldens prefer to settle the matter peacefully. The Golden Retriever snarling and gripping its opponent with a stranglehold is something of a fantasy.

#6 The breed is often recommended for keeping in families with children, since in relation to the younger generation, animals are as correct and patient as possible.

Of course, trusting a dog with babies is not the smartest decision, but playful three-year-olds can be left to her. Golden Retrievers are primarily human-oriented. It is with him that they want to go for walks, share their joys and sorrows. For this reason, Goldens are often attracted to active Canis therapy. Shaggy "antidepressants" are happy to contact patients who are in a state of prolonged depression, charging them with vivid emotions and gradually returning them to the joy of existence.

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