Breed Review: Karelian Bear Dog (17 Pics)

#7 Despite the versatility of the breed in terms of hunting, it is more expedient to go with small fur-bearing animals (squirrels, marten) and wood grouses with Karelian Bear Dog

The Karelians are excellent at finding and stopping the game, skillfully scaring the animal under a shot, and finally importing the shot prey. Theoretically, you can bait a puppy from the age of four months, but not all huskies at this age are smart enough. So if at the first lesson the dog does not show interest in the animal, you should wait another month or two.

#8 By the way, training a Karelian Bear Dog on a bear, which has become unexpectedly popular lately, is more of a show than a real hunt.

It is one thing to bark at a decoy clubfoot at the baiting station, and quite another to provoke a wild potapich at his native den. Of course, in the biographies of individual Karelians, this type of hunting also takes place, but this is already aerobatics, which only a select few succeed in and then after numerous and tedious training.

#9 Sometimes the hunter’s instinct can doze in the Karelian Bear Dog for up to one and a half years.

You should not be intimidated by this, since the Karelian Bear Dogs are excellent at making up for a lost time. The main thing is to keep the pet interested in work. For example, you can periodically give your puppy animal skins or a broken bird for personal use. If you have a second dog that has already taken part in the hunt, take that dog as well. Looking at the behavior of an older companion, the puppy will definitely try to copy it.

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