15 Pics That Show English Bulldogs Are The Best Dogs

English Bulldogs are short, stocky dogs of variegated or solid color with a square muzzle and a powerful lower jaw. A red-haired or white good-natured lump will be an excellent companion and friend of the family. The breed belongs to the Molossian section. The character of the bulldog is balanced, somewhat phlegmatic. The breed is popular in the world because of its cute appearance, devotion, and calmness.

#1 Despite the phlegmatic temperament and calm demeanor, the English Bulldog is very attached to a person and does not tolerate loneliness.

#2 Thanks to its friendly disposition, this dog gets along well with other pets.

Bulldogs will be friends with cats, dogs, and even birds.

#3 One of the characteristic qualities of this dog is stubbornness and independence. Lovers of the breed often respect the English Bulldogs for this.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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