Breed Review: Karelian Bear Dog (17 Pics)

#13 From one and a half months Karelian Bear Dog begin to walk.

The first walks can last 15-20 minutes, but as the dog grows up, they should be increased. It is optimal if the animal is taken outside twice a day for 2-3 hours. This is especially important for Karelians living in a large city, who need to compensate for the lack of opportunities to hunt by walking. By the way, because of the developed persecuting instincts, huskies are taken out of the house on a leash, otherwise, there is a risk of losing the perky saffron milk cap forever.

#14 You will not have to be on duty near the Karelian Bear Dog with a furminator and lotion to facilitate combing

since the wool of the representatives of this breed is problem-free, almost does not smell like a dog, and sheds twice a year. The Karels is combed with a metal comb a couple of times a week and daily during the molting period. You can bathe an adult dog no more than 2-3 times a year. Remember that the husky, who regularly goes hunting, already takes unscheduled baths, jumping into the swamps for the shot game.

#15 The eyes of the Karelian Bear Dog are relatively healthy, not prone to the formation of nitrous oxide, so they do not need special care.

The only thing - do not forget to remove lumps from the corners of the eye in the morning, the formation of which is provoked by the dust that has fallen on the mucous. To do this, soak a clean cloth in chamomile infusion and gently wipe your eyes. If you notice purulent discharge, redness, or increased tearfulness in your pet, visit a specialist - such problems cannot be eliminated with herbal decoctions alone.

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