Breed Review: LaPerm (15 Pics)

#7 It is useless to punish laperm for excessive jumping ability.

The breed cannot imagine its existence without "flying" over furniture modules and refrigerators. If you want to protect certain surfaces from the encroachment of cat paws, apply citrus essential oils to them, the smell of which purrs cannot stand. Also, it is unlikely that it will be possible to teach the LaPerm to doze on his couch. That is, the cat will periodically visit its mattress, of course, but it will prefer to spend most of the time close to the owner. Accordingly, if you like to relax at night without a curly "heating pad" at your side, it is better to close the bedroom door and not react to the pleading meowing behind it.

#8 Since the street is full of unpleasant surprises for an overly trusting laperm, the apartment should remain his main habitat.

Of course, you can take the cat out for a walk, but for this, you will have to acquire a harness, which will limit the pet's range of movement and will help out in an extreme situation. A high play complex will help to minimize the cat jumping on furniture - usually LaPermies like such sports equipment, and they willingly switch their attention to them.

#9 The laperm owner does not need furminators.

Hair deprived of the down layer does not get tangled and does not form tangles. Usually, cats of this type are recommended to comb "for the show" and for the sake of massage, in order to improve blood flow in the upper layers of the skin. You will have to pick up the brush no more than once a week, and the LaPermas themselves are patient with this procedure.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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