Breed Review: Lhasa Apso (18 Pics)

#10 Lhasa Apso are smart and quick-witted dogs, but the innate desire to lead, and, if possible, suppress, makes them not the most diligent students.

At the same time, it is vital to socialize, educate and train the breed, because a "Tibetan" who has not been instilled in norms of behavior is still impudent. And of course, in no case indulge the animal, so that it does not develop the so-called small dog syndrome, which manifests itself in pampering and uncontrollable antics.

#11 When raising a puppy, always pay attention to behavior correction.

Stop the dog's attempts to bite you, do not pick up the barking dog in your arms to comfort you, do not avoid meeting other, larger "tails". Lhasa apso must understand that for the owner he is not the center of the universe, but only a junior comrade.

#12 The breed does not work under duress, which greatly complicates the training process, so organize your activities so that the Lhasa Apso can get carried away

Do not give a command unless you are absolutely sure the puppy will not obey it. Always set achievable goals and encourage your pet to take action. Remember: good or bad, but the animal must fulfill the requirement. This approach is disciplined and does not allow the pet to think that a person's orders can be circumvented.

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