Breed Review: Lhasa Apso (18 Pics)

#13 Positive reinforcements in the learning process are required, while do not seek to feed the “Tibetan” with delicacies, so that in the future he does not lose interest in the usual diet.

But the punishments will have to be applied with extreme caution. The fact is that Lhasa Apso will never allow himself to be humiliated. As an example: the dog will certainly snap at any shout and will perceive the waving of his hand as a final undermining of trust.

#14 To convince a pet that he is wrong, a strict reprimand is enough in an even, non-ingratiating tone.

In extreme cases, the shaggy discipline breaker can be flicked on the nose with a fingernail or newspaper. Do not use a leash for the physical impact: having received a strap along with the sirloin, Lhasa Apso will simply refuse to walk on a harness, because it will cause negative associations.

#15 Like any decorative pet, Lhasa Apso loves comfort.

In addition, he is a big owner, therefore, in order for the dog to feel as free as possible in the house, it needs property - toys, a bed, bowls for food and water. The Lhasa apso prefers to own all these belongings alone, fiercely barking at those encroaching on his wealth.

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