Breed Review: Manx Cat (15 Pics)

Manx is a cat breed that originated on the Isle of Man. They are peaceful, intelligent, calm, obedient, unpretentious, quickly adapt to changes, need attention, and not getting enough attention, they can take offense. Manx always strives to be in the center of events, of course, in the role of the most active participant. A feature of the Manx cats is the absence of a tail, although there are also tailed representatives of the breed, in which its length can vary from a short “stump” to a tail of almost normal length.

#1 The Manx breed is native to the Isle of Man, located in the Irish Sea.

It is not known for certain how exactly tailless cats came to this island, but there is a whole legend about the history of their origin. According to her, the cat ran last to Noah's ark, and Noah in a hurry slammed the door, pinching the animal's tail, and it completely fell off. However, from a scientific point of view, the dominant mutated gene is responsible for the short tail of the Manx. Isolation on the Isle of Man and frequent inbreeding have led to an increase in the number of tailless individuals.

#2 The ramp has no tail at all, the riser has a small growth, consisting of one to three vertebrae, the stumpi has a short tail, consisting of four to eight vertebrae, and the longa has a usual long tail.

The latter are most often involved in the selection, this is due to the peculiarities of the breeding of the breed. The fact is that crossing two tailless cats can lead to problems with the spine in kittens and their death.

#3 Despite this peculiarity, Manks are very energetic, active and cheerful cats.

Their hind legs, like those of the Kurilian Bobtails, are longer than the front ones. Therefore, these cats are great jumpers and fun runners. From the outside, they look a bit like rabbits.

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