Breed Review: Ocicat (19 Pics)

#7 The brightness of the marks themselves on the body also varies.

For example, specks on the face, paws, and tail are darker than the marks on the body. The smear of the wool pattern and its fadedness are positioned as exterior flaws, therefore, at exhibitions, cats with such defects are lowered.

#8 Each thoroughbred Ocicat has M-shaped stripes on its face

Oval spots begin to appear in the area between the ears, turning into a small "scatter" in the lower part of the neck and shoulders. In the vertebral zone, running from the shoulder blades to the tail, the marks are arranged in horizontal rows, with large smears of spots alternating with contrasting dots. On the thighs, abdomen, and shoulder blades of the Ocicat, the markings are scattered randomly. On the sides, there are dark finger-shaped "traces". In the lower part of the legs and on the throat, the spotty pattern is replaced by a “bracelet” pattern, and the more gaps between the ends of the “bracelets”, the better.

#9 The ocicat’s eyes have a black edging surrounded by a light-colored background coat.

Special attention should be paid to the tone of the tail, which in controversial cases is the defining characteristic of the breed. In purebred individuals, the tails have contrasting transverse stripes, but the tips are colored in a uniform dark tone.

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