Breed Review: Oriental Shorthair (18 Pics)

The Oriental Shorthair is the closest relative of the Siamese; an elegant beauty with a royal bearing and large fan-shaped ears.

#1 Oriental cats are intellectuals, athletes and, finally, just beauties, charming with their unique grace and sophistication of the silhouette.

Possessing a playful character and developed intuition, these green-eyed "Asians" easily gain confidence and are able to fall in love with even the most desperate cat-hater. The owner in the eyes of the animal is a supreme being, to whom the poet is obliged to prove their love and devotion around the clock. In exchange for their affection, the Oriental Shorthairs expect no less generosity from the owner. Respect, devote maximum time and attention, lend your own knees for personal use so that you can lie on them in plenty - all these oriental kitties hope to receive from any person whose house they have made happy with their stay.

#2 Genetically Oriental Shorthairs are close to the Siamese, with whom they began to be exported from Thailand in the 19th century.

British breeders did not consider (or did not want to consider) an independent breed in the green-eyed cat, so they ranked them as a classic Siamese tribe with a modified type of color. It is worth noting that Oriental Shorthair were not particularly favored at European exhibitions, systematically disqualifying mustachioed emigrants either for non-standard colors or for an emerald shade of the iris.

#3 The animals also did not arouse much interest among potential owners, therefore, until the beginning of the 20th century, oriental cats were bred only by enthusiasts who were keen on breeding.

The real crisis fell on the Thai eared in 1923, after the American Club of Siamese cats strictly taboo the breeding of any species of pets, with the exception of blue-eyed individuals with a Himalayan color.

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Written by Alice White

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