Breed Review: West Siberian Laika (17 Pics)

#4 Likes are such … Likes and West Siberian are no exception.

Therefore, before acquiring such an active pet, it is better to ask yourself the question: will I have enough energy and patience so as not to turn the dog's and my own existence into an eternal struggle for interests? Do not discount the "talkativeness" of the breed. Barking for West Siberian is not just another attempt to play on your nerves, but a means of communication, so do not count on hearing a resounding "Woof!" pet only on the hunt.

#5 Mobility, innate playfulness and curiosity make the West Siberian Laika wonderful hunters and athletes, but their companions are not the most outstanding.

Accordingly, if you are not interested in seasonal trips for trophies as such, there is no point in contacting the breed. Chasing an animal for a laika is almost the main goal of its existence and depriving an animal of this joy is simply cruel

#6 Any person for the West Siberian laika is either a friend or a future friend, which, of course, affects the guarding qualities of the dog.

On the one hand, the animal is not deprived of them and, with proper training, is able to drive away unwanted persons from the housing. On the other hand, too ardent defense of the owner's property indicates the instability of the psyche of a four-legged comrade, which is unacceptable for a hunting breed in principle.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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