Breed Review: West Siberian Laika (17 Pics)

#7 The West Siberian Laika is not a circus dog, so do not waste time with it learning acrobatic tricks, which are essentially useless for a hunting breed.

It is also important to take into account the psychological characteristics of West Siberian Laika: slight stubbornness, self-will, loss of interest in learning - all this will certainly take place, albeit on a not very prominent scale. It is advisable to start raising and training a puppy from the age of 3 months using standard methods, that is, try not to overwork the baby, try to acquaint him with new patterns of behavior through play, etc.

#8 It’s good if you can take your pet to group lessons.

The gregarious and competitive instincts of the West Siberian Laika are very strong, so they always work more actively in a team. By the way, you can practice hunting skills with a dog only after it has mastered the basic commands of obedience.

#9 Pay special attention to restraining commands.

The excessive independence inherent in the breed should be easily corrected. If the dog does not respond to the prohibition, it is fraught with great trouble. In particular, the West Siberian Laika does not cost anything to escape during a walk, carried away by the pursuit of a gaping cat. Do not go to the other extreme and do not drill your pet. The West Siberian Laika is not a terry intellectual and a bearer of slippers, but a strong, merciless hunter, capable of mastering the basic foundations of etiquette just as much as is necessary in order to get along with a person and not create unnecessary problems for him.

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