Breed Review: West Siberian Laika (17 Pics)

#13 West Siberian Laika easily tolerate Russian frosts and are quite adapted to extreme weather conditions, so the best place to live for a working dog would be an open-air cage in the yard of a private house.

In addition, for the comfortable existence of West Siberian Laika, a lot of free space is required, so the option of settling a pet in an apartment is regarded as the worst possible. It is also important to understand that, unlike their Russian-Finnish counterparts, West Siberian Laika hardly get used to living in a metropolis, or indeed any city. These restless "Siberians" prefer the countryside or at least the urban outskirts.

#14 The West Siberian Laika is an unpretentious working dog and it makes no sense to ride around groomer salons with it.

Yes, during the molting period (autumn-spring), the West Siberian Laika wool will have to be combed with a rare comb, sometimes connecting a furminator to the case, but otherwise not so much time is spent on the care and creation of the pet's image. Laikas are rarely washed: mainly before exhibitions or when the animal is thoroughly dirty. And in the summer there will be enough occasional swimming in open reservoirs.

#15 Working dogs and well-walked dogs may not have their nails cut at all.

For individuals that are not particularly active, the plate is trimmed once a month with a nail clipper for large breeds. At the same time, it is better to inspect the eyes and ears of the inhabitants of the enclosures daily so as not to miss and not start inflammation. One of the main working "tools" of the West Siberian Laika is its paws, so after hunting and walking they should be given special attention. Minor cuts, scrapes, and other injuries should be immediately treated with veterinary ointments or creams. Vegetable oils will be a good help, with which the pads of the paws are lubricated in order to avoid the appearance of cracks and peeling on them.

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