Can a Dog Eat Sauerkraut?

Sauerkraut is considered typical German home cooking. But can the pickled cabbage also be on the menu of dogs? Here you can find out whether dogs are allowed to eat sauerkraut, what effect the dish has on dogs and how to properly prepare dog food with sauerkraut.

What is Sauerkraut?

Sauerkraut consists of white cabbage or pointed cabbage that is preserved through lactic acid fermentation. The vegetables are preserved by fermenting the cabbage cut into strips. The canned herb was traditionally used to supply vitamin C in winter, but today it is a popular side dish. In addition, home cooking is considered a home remedy for constipation.

Can Dogs Eat Sauerkraut?

Yes, dogs can eat sauerkraut. The cabbage made from cabbage is not poisonous to dogs. However, it does contain histamine, which can cause digestive problems in intolerant dogs. If symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea occur after consuming sauerkraut, your dog should forego the dish in the future.

Is Sauerkraut Healthy For Dogs?

Sauerkraut is not only tasty for humans, but it is also suitable for feeding dogs. Fermented cabbage has a lot to offer for the health of your four-legged friend: It is full of healthy vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and effectively supports digestion. These are the properties that make sauerkraut so healthy for dogs:

  • The vegetables are low in calories and low in fat.
  • It contains a particularly large amount of vitamin C: around 15 grams per 100 grams of herb.
  • Vitamin B12 and other B vitamins contribute to the dog’s vitamin supply.
  • Vitamin A is important for the maintenance of eyesight.
  • Iron is involved in the formation of red blood cells and in the transport of oxygen.
  • Dietary fiber supports healthy digestion in the dog.
  • Antioxidants protect against free radicals and prevent diseases.
  • Probiotics promote digestion and a healthy intestinal flora.

Probiotics: Sauerkraut for Constipation

The fermentation process produces lactic acid bacteria in the sauerkraut, which has a probiotic effect. Probiotic foods are healthy for the dog because the lactic acid bacteria prevent digestive problems such as constipation and support the health of the dog’s natural intestinal flora.

Does Sauerkraut Help With Swallowed Foreign Bodies?

If the dog has swallowed a foreign body, sauerkraut can be used as a first-aid measure. Ideally, the finely chopped cabbage will wrap around the foreign body in the intestinal tract, so that it is excreted together with the sauerkraut.

But be careful: If your dog has choked on an object, first check that the airways are free so that the dog does not choke. If the foreign body is already in the dog’s digestive tract, sauerkraut can help with excretion. However, the home remedy does not replace a visit to the vet. If you have pointed objects, in particular, you should not hesitate to visit the vet.

Feeding Sauerkraut Raw or Cooked?

In order to benefit from the probiotic effect of the food, the sauerkraut must be fed raw. Cooked sauerkraut or canned cabbage does not have the desired probiotic effect on the intestine. However, cooked sauerkraut can help with constipation as it has a mild laxative effect on the dog.

How Do You Prepare Home Cooking for Dogs?

As the name suggests, raw sauerkraut tastes sour. Some dogs don’t like the sour taste of the food. In this case, washing the sauerkraut well will help wash away most of the acid. Another option is to mix the sauerkraut with some yogurt, as the yogurt neutralizes the sour taste. Spices should definitely be avoided, as many spices are poisonous or difficult to digest for dogs.

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