Can Dogs Eat Avocados?

Not everything that is good for humans is also suitable for dogs. This applies to many foods and so also to the avocado. Because the pulp contains a toxin that can lead to death in dogs in the worst case. We’ll tell you why avocado is so dangerous for dogs.

Can Dogs Have Avocado?

No, avocado is absolutely taboo for dogs. If the dog eats the fruit, it can even be fatal. Avocados contain persin, a toxin that can cause severe symptoms of intoxication. In addition to the poisonous persin, the high-fat content speaks against a tasty avocado for dogs, because the fatty fruit can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Both the pulp and the avocado seed are poisonous to dogs.

Why is the Avocado So Poisonous to Dogs?

The toxin persin is mainly contained in the avocado kernel. But the pulp also shows small amounts of the poison. But why are dogs not allowed to eat avocados even though they are easily digestible for humans? Science disagrees on this. What is certain, however, is that the dog’s organism reacts with symptoms of poisoning when the fruit is consumed.

Avocado Poisoning: Dog in Danger of Death

If your dog has eaten avocado, symptoms typically appear within 24 hours. The poisoning manifests itself through symptoms such as shortness of breath, cramps, an increased pulse, diarrhea, coughing, and vomiting as well as general weakness, disorientation, and malaise.

If the dog eats avocado, the poisonous persin can lead to heart muscle damage, persistent organ damage, and even death. A swallowed avocado seed can also lead to a life-threatening intestinal obstruction.

What to Do if the Dog Has Eaten Avocado

If your dog has eaten avocado or an avocado seed, see a veterinarian immediately.

Let the veterinarian know both the amount consumed and when the poison was ingested so that your pet can be treated properly. You should also inform the veterinarian about behavior problems and any first aid measures you have already taken.

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