Can Dogs Eat Cheese Curds?

Is curd cheese really healthy for dogs or does it hurt if you feed too much of it? We answer these questions and present delicious quark recipes for dogs.

The Essentials in Brief

  • One to two tablespoons of quark daily are suitable for four-legged friends;
  • Dairy food is generally well tolerated;
  • Quark contains little lactose.

That is Why Quark is Allowed in Moderation for Dogs

Most milk products such as cheese or yogurt are not always suitable for dogs. This is because the animals suffer from lactose intolerance. Since manufacturers clean the quark several times, it hardly contains any lactose (milk sugar). But how much quark is recommended for dogs? The pet is allowed to consume one to two tablespoons of quark a day. Many animals like the food as an addition to their regular feed or as a snack in between meals.

The Healthy Food: This is Why the Dairy Product is Good for Your Darling

Quarks can have a positive effect on the health of the pet. This is because it boosts your metabolism and also activates bowel movements. It also supplies the muscles with the vitamins and minerals they need. When eating the meal, the release of the happiness hormone (dopamine) is also increased, so that your loyal friend simply feels extremely good.

Delicious Recipes With Cottage Cheese for Dogs

If you want to please your animal, give it some protein-rich food. Quark with linseed oil tastes particularly good for dogs. This mixture has the advantage of being rich in healthy fatty acids. Fatty acids support your favorite’s immune system. Quark with egg is also an excellent choice for dogs. This is because the protein-rich meal improves the metabolism in the cells. If you want, you can also add rice, bananas, or oatmeal to the creamy mixture. Your dog is sure to love it.

Our recommendation: create a varied menu with quark.

A balanced meal is important for dogs. For this reason, it makes sense to consider the following things when feeding curd cheese:

  • Mix the food with the dry food;
  • Quark with apple is good for the teeth and the intestines;
  • The dairy product with carrots is good for the skin and coat;
  • Quark, along with pieces of pumpkin, is a light snack that is good for overweight fur noses;
  • Asparagus combined with cottage cheese is good for the kidneys.
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