Can Dogs Eat Currants?

Red and black currants grow in many gardens, but can also be found while walking in nature. The berries are tempting for dogs because their size means they can be picked straight from the bush. Currants are not poisonous for dogs – so why not try them out right away to see whether your four-legged friend likes the little fruits.

Currants for Dogs in Brief

Currants are rich in vitamins and minerals. If you feed them in small quantities, you will have a beneficial effect.

Currants as a Healthy Snack for Dogs

The vitamins contained in the juice of the currants support the metabolism and prevent oxidative stress. In particular, the vitamin C content of red and black currants is very high. The vital vitamin C supports the dog’s defenses and prevents diseases. Other nutrients it contains are B vitamins, calcium, and minerals. In addition, currants are said to help as a home remedy for mild diarrhea.

Feed Red and Black Currants to the Dog

You can feed your dog both red and black currants. Mash fresh currants with a fork or with the stick miser and mix the berry pulp into the dog food. You can also feed the berries as a snack in between meals. In this case, it is advisable to mix the currants with sweet fruit, as many dogs do not like the sour taste on their own.

Can Currants Harm Dogs?

There are no known side effects of currants in healthy dogs. Nevertheless, your dog should only enjoy the small berries in moderation, as larger quantities can lead to digestive problems. Since currants have a diuretic effect, they are not suitable for feeding dogs with kidney or bladder problems, as larger amounts can lead to an increase in calcium levels in the blood and an increased burden on the kidneys.

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